How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the KingdomChapter 61-2

"O, Hero!", with that cliched line, Kazuya Souma found himself summoned to another world and his adventure -did not begin. After he presents his plan to strengthen the country economically and militarily, the king cedes the throne to him and Souma fi

A Rank Party wo Ridatsu Shita Ore wa, Moto Oshiego Tachi to Meikyuu Shinbu wo MezasuChapter 101

"I can't do this!" Yoke Feldio, A Red Mage, has left his A-rank party of five years to become an adventurer, and has finally run out of patience with his life as an adventurer. being ridiculed as a "Handyman" and "poor dexterity"! And so begins a des

The Max Level Hero Has Returned!Chapter 167

The weak prince of an insignificant country, Davey.After becoming comatose, his soul escaped to a temple where the souls of heroes gathered.He trained for a thousand years and has now returned as a max level hero!"Just you guys wait, I'm gonna face y

Saikyou de Saisoku no Mugen Level UpChapter 24

Makoto Sakura, sixteen years old, finds himself without a place after dropping out of high school. Suddenly, an otherworldly relic appears before him. On that day, dungeons began to appear all over the world. Humans acquired a level system that compl

Reborn As A Big Mouth FlowerChapter 47

A high school teenager, after dying, is reborn as a big-mouthed flower. Originally thinking he could bask in the sun, drink water, and lie down every day, he discover the danger of being a plant in the other world, at risk of being eaten by monsters

The Descent Of The Demonic MasterChapter 149

The Descent of the Demonic Master manga summary: The first life. After a tragic accident losing his family and legs, he ends his own life. The second life. He earned fame as the Red Demonic Master in Zhongyuan, but was betrayed by the man he trusted

Heika, Kokoro no Koe ga Dadamore desu!Chapter 12

Sietsye, a princess hailing from a small country, traveled a long way to the powerful northern Kingdom of Verscia so as to wed its ruler, the haughty and overbearing Emperor Gaizel. The lonely Gaizel was a man known as the Ice Emperor, and is as fri

The Archvillain's Daughter In LawChapter 84

The final villain is being deceived by his young time-limited daughter in law who was possessed. If I die at the right time, I will marry his son. The problem is, I already know the cure! And I don't want to die, but if I don't get killed now, then I

Shichi ha GojurokuChapter 17

The story follows a teenage boy who wants to become famous with girls. One day, he found a girl drowning in the river. Since then, a strange relationship started!

Gojuu, Rokujuu, YorokondeChapter 31

Aki-san (50), a divorced woman, has been getting along well with Rokujo-san (60).People around them are worried about their pure relationship, but there is no need to worry. At a summer festival, the two quickly grow closer, and their feelings for ea

An Ol At Her Limit Needs Help Tidying UpChapter 15

Segawa-san is the star of the office who everyone depends on. But she's stretched thin, and the state of her apartment has gotten dire. After a fateful encounter, the college student next door offers to lend a helping hand!

Mary-sanChapter 159

Meet the friendly Mary-san

Doukyonin ga Fuantei DeshiteChapter 6

A story about the daily lives of two roommates, Fuantei-san, a slightly unstable illustrator, and Shikkari-san, a capable career woman.

Brainrot GirlfriendChapter 4.5

Brainrot Girlfriend

Kodomo DorobouChapter 3

Minori is the only daughter of the Sano family, a family that is the picture of happiness. One day, Minori returns home after cheerfully forgetting something as usual, and encounters a burglar who has been breaking into the house. She falls from the

Ojisama to NekoChapter 97.5

The heartwarming tale of a cat who wanted nothing more than to be loved and the old man who adopted him.

Aiseki Ii desu ka?Chapter 4

Tsubaki is a working woman who struggles with her relationship with her subordinate. Momoko is a university student struggling with her part-time job. Two people of different ages and backgrounds happen to be sitting together...?A breath of fresh air

Wild StrawberryChapter 24

Plants have evolved. They can now feed on humans and become terrible monsters known as Jinka. Kingo and Kayano do their best to survive in a Tokyo overrun by plants, but when Kayano becomes a Jinka, Kingo will do anything he can to get her back!

Fake Saint Of The YearChapter 27.1

Fake Saint Of The Year manga, The Ideal Saint Too Bad Here's the Fake Saint! ~Reincarnated as a Villain Derided as the Shitshow of the Year , Risou no Seijo? Zannen, Nise Seijo deshita! ~ Kuso of the Year to Yobareta Akuyaku ni Tensei Shita n daga ~[

The Legendary ReturnChapter 133

Due to the situation like the second IMF, the security company Jang Taesan worked for goes bankrupt, and he becomes an unemployed man wandering around Noryangjin-dong. He loses his life saving an elementary school student who was almost hit by a car.

I Became the Obsessive Villain’s BabysitterChapter 49

An extra in the novel The Flower of Shakir, possessed by Saint Meia, a human sacrifice for the Emperor."I don't want to die for anyone else!"Although I didn't ask for this new life, the last thing I want is to die a miserable death again, so decided

Seducing The Lady's LoverChapter 52

I'm Lydel Cross.When I turned 18 the Emperor trapped me in a magical tower and used me in whatever way he saw fit.That was the life I lived before it was rewound.In order to be happy during my second chance at life, I decided to turn away from anythi

Mizudako-Chan Kara Wa Nigerarenai!Chapter 4

Akigai Kanisuke is an ordinary high school boy. His daily life changes when Mizuda Yuuko (a.k.a. Mizudako-chan), a demi-human girl, transfers to his school.A cute, mysterious, and slightly scary story begins!

Star Dream Idol ProjectChapter 347

The shining lights, the magnificent stage! Friendships created through singing, making a future through dancing, the girls embark on their journey towards their dreams! One who has lost status due to a scandal is hiding a plot behind her back. A pair

Tsuruko Returns The FavorChapter 23

Nekokado is an extremely straight-laced high school teacher who has lived alone since the death of his sister. But one day, he discovers a photo of her in a maid costume. He goes to a concept caf in order to investigate his sister's secret, but there

Cardfight!! Vanguard YouthQuakeChapter 16

"I Think it's time for me to stop...playing Vanguard." "You've Got to Grow out of this Kid's Game."Sentatsu Meguru, a first-year high school student, was wondering whether or not to continue playing Vanguard when his childhood friends and classmates

Villains Are Destined to DieChapter 151

Penelope Eckart reincarnated as the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart and the villainess of a reverse harem dating sim. The problem is, she entered the game at its hardest difficulty, and no matter what she does, death awaits her at every ending! Befor

Rikai No Aru Karen-ChanChapter 29HOT

- Contains art without text as chapters

Chabashira KurabuChapter 6

Suzu, the only heir to the Iida Tea Garden, has been around tea all her life. One day, an unexpected encounter inspires her to leave home on a tea journey, along which she will discover new teas and new friends.

BastianChapter 47

The grandson of an antique dealer and the beggar princess got married. Lasting for two years, they were to engage in a contract marriage to fulfill their respective interests. An aspiring naval officer and wealthy man, a grandchild of an antique deal

Materialistic PrincessChapter 60

Read manhwa Materialistic Princess / One day, I woke up from being a poor college student as Princess Roselia Kanep from the novel A Sculpture of Emotion'.And by the way, she was the daughter of a poor noble family who'd squandered their wealth unde

The Villainess Is Shy In Receiving LoveChapter 74

The Villainess Is Shy In Receiving LoveMy wicked mother brought a girl one day.She was the Duke's hidden daughter, Loretta, the heroine of [Duke's Four Children].I am Melody, the villainess who was punished by my mother for harassing her.I don't want

I Was Just Having Fun With The Time LimitChapter 21HOT

Read manhwa I Was Just Having Fun With The Time Limit / / I Was Just Enjoying The DeadlineIn my previous life, I had a limited time, but I reincarnated as someone with limited time again! Although this time too my life is limited, I got a life tha

Friends Shouldn’t Act This WayChapter 49

Read manhwa Friends Shouldn't Act This Way / Rien is a transfer student at Arena Academy who wants a peaceful life. The successor of the Lisianthus Duchy fell in love at first sight with her. Carsion, who has the face of an innocent man, is a geni

The Silver Dragon’s BrideChapter 14

Read The Silver Dragon's BrideAs a young child, Lily was sold into slavery by her own parents, never knowing the meaning of freedom. With a scarred body and soul, she trudged through life, questioning the purpose of her existence. As Lily grappled wi

Exclusive maid of the evil empressChapter 70

Became the exclusive maid of the notorious empress. But what about the bad girl? The Empress is nothing but a petulant cat, and strangely she likes me. "Your Majesty, I don't need to make my social debut." "If you're noble, you should make your offic

The Villain’s Daughter-in-Law has limited timeChapter 84

Read manhwa The Villain's Daughter-in-Law has limited time / / Because She Had A Time Limit, She Became The Villain's Daughter-in-lawThe final villain is being deceived by his young time-limited daughter in law who was possessed. If I die at the

To deny the routeChapter 44
WebtoonsShounen ai

not found...

The Demon King Dad and His Hero DaughterChapter 33
WebtoonsActionComedyMartial arts

Selene, the daughter who dreams of becoming a hero, and Shion, the demon king who adopted her. Shion has to conceal his true identity at all costs, unable to cheer on his daughters dreams or attempt to stop her.This is the story of Selenes journey to

Ochikobore Kenshi, Tsuihousareta no de Majutsushi ni Tenkou suru  Kenshi no Toki wa Gomi Skill datta “Zettai Kioku” wa Majutsushi ni Totte wa Kami Skill deshitaChapter 25

In a world where swordsmanship and magic clash, Durandal is born into one of the world's most prestigious swordsman families. However, his innate skill is Absolute Memory'. A skill that allows him to never forget anything he has seen or heard, but it

Different World Slow Life Begun at the SmithChapter 23-2

One night, Eizo, a hapless corporate slave, saves a cat and gets hit by a truck. The cat which seems to be related to a parallel world, in return for his help, grants Eizo a skill of his wish and reincarnates him to another world. Eizo, who has craft

Ming Dynasty: From Xu Family’s Scorn to Ascension Through Battle!Chapter 10

Zhu Xiong was reborn in a small town within Beiping territory during the early years of the Ming Dynasty.In this significant year, Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor, was in his prime.With Crown Prince Zhu Biao by his side, he rectified the laws and

Isekai Apocalypse MYNOGHRA ~The Conquest of the World Starts With the Civilization of Ruin~Chapter 27

I reincarnated as an evil god.Ira Takuto succumbed to illness at a young age and ended up reincarnating in a world that resembled the strategy simulation game, Eternal Nations, of which he loved playing when alive. What appeared in front of him was A

New Testament - Star Of The GiantsChapter 22

Mitsuru Hanagata, the genius little league pitcher. He injured his shoulder in a little league match and withdrew from baseball. His shoulder should have healed, but in a match against the a baseball club full of hooligans, he realises that his shoul

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad DogChapter 82HOT

"Father, please give me a chance to end Mikael Alanquez."Right before she died, Reinhardt repeated the same words as she had wished.When she came to her senses, she was back at her father's funeral 15 years ago.It was the time when she was divorced b

A Beast Swallowed by a FlowerChapter 25

"A wolf only keeps one female by its side, Lisi." Iris was called the flower of the Whitlow Duchy, but in reality, she lived a life no better than a weed. The man named Caverant Green, who deliberately approached her to live a comfortable life again,

I Became the Wife of the Male LeadChapter 104HOT

I possessed the body of "Fiona," the final villainess whose soul was sentenced to eternal suffering after her gruesome demise at the hands of the world's hero.She was tortured by her own family just because she was an illegitimate child.And so arrivi

Sister, I Am the Queen in This LifeChapter 101

Sister I Am the Queen in This Life manhwa,Her fiance, her sister, and her parents. Ariadne returns 14 years in the past, the day she was cast aside by everyone. "Shit! I am trying to court you right now!" From her fiance, who acted much different tha

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